Indian Plastics Federation (IPF) is regarded as a torch-bearer of plastics industry and trade. While going down the memory lane we respectfully remember the seven stalwarts of Plastics Industry – Late C. L. Gupta, Late G. Khemani, Late B. L. Pachisia, Late C. M. Srimal, Late R. G. Gupta, Late G. D. Damani and Shri G. N. Periwal and salute them for their vision, wisdom and far-sightedness for the establishment of IPF way back in 1958. During this long span of over five decades the Federation has been successful in its endeavour to be reckoned as one of the main forums of Plastics in India.

Indian Plastics Federation (IPF) was set up in 1958 with the objective of promoting the plastics industry in India and particularly in Eastern India. Regarded as a torch-bearer of plastics industry, its members include mega-projects like Reliance Industries Ltd., Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd., and Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. etc. Large, small, medium and tiny sector units, dealers, distributors and machine manufacturers are also their members. In that way it is an integrated body of all the facets of plastic industry. All of them are properly represented in the Executive Committee which has over 750 members including associations from different states.

The Federation is dedicated to actively uphold the interest of the plastics industry and trade in India and make all out efforts for the growth and development of this sector for other Five decades.  IPF is also the founder member of Plastindia Foundation, the apex body of plastics industry in India.


Among the multi-faceted functions of the Federation, the following salient ones may be mentioned:

1. To interact between the industry and various authorities in the areas of import and excise duties, commercial and direct taxes availability of raw materials from  abroad, import and export policy, framing of industrial policy and such other fields as may crop up in the pursuit of business and to send delegations and  representations in this regard.

2. To monitor the availability and prices of raw materials produced indigenously and to send delegations and representations for bringing relief to the industry.

3. To aid entrepreneurs to set up and expand industry.

4. To collect, preserve and analyse vital statistics and data relating to plastics trade, commerce and industry including national and international trends of the  plastics industry.

5. To disseminate information on advancement of plastic technology and innovations obtaining in India and abroad.

6. To bring out a monthly journal containing thoughtful articles on plastics for the industry, scholars, government authorities, financial institutions, chambers and  trade associations etc. focussing on the latest development in plastic industry, policy maters, news, products and events etc.

7. To hold, organise, sponsor or participate in seminars, workshops, conferences and training classes on plastics.

8. To hold, organise, sponsor and participate in industrial exhibitions and trade fairs on plastics.

9. To promote co-operation among persons, firms, companies, factories and associations or societies connected with the plastics trade and industry in India as   producers, manufacturers, moulders, fabricators, distributors, dealers and technicians with a view to adopting a common policy and collectively take such steps   as ay be expedient to further safeguard the interests of the plastics trade and industry.

10. To enlist the services of experts and to advice members on various problems relating to customs, central excise, sales tax, octroi, labour laws and other   government orders, notifications which may be referred by members for the Federation’s advice and also to keep the members informed of all developments,   changes, revisions, notifications, administrative orders etc. issued by the different government authorities on the aforesaid subjects or any other matter, relating   to plastics trade and industry.

11. To communicate with the Chambers of Commerce and other commercial, industrial and public bodies throughout India and to concert or promote measures for   protection of plastics trade and industry and persons engaged therein.

12. To do all other work in order to promote and encourage the healthy growth of plastics industry in the country.


The Federation maintains a well-equipped Library containing books and journals on technical subjects for use of its members.

Other Activities:

The Federation has always been trying hard to fulfill its objectives and obligations to render best and prompt services to its members. Some of these activities are summarized below:

1. All India Plastics Directory:  The Federation pioneered the publication of All India Plastics Directory way back in 1985 to fill the void of such a compendium on   plastics industry and trade.

2. Plastics India :  The Federation publishes a monthly journal, “Plastics India”, in which thought provoking articles, notifications, news and events, new products,   legal news, trade opportunities, industrial licenses, fairs and conferences etc. are published.

3. Souvenir:  The Federation publishes a souvenir on the eve of Annual General Meetings.

4. Supplements:  Newspaper supplements are released by the Federation on topical subjects relating to Plastics and assists dailies and periodicals to bring out   Supplements on plastics on their own, as part of the Federation’s promotional activities.

5. Press Conference:  Press Conferences are regularly held and Press Release issued to give vent to the constraints and problems faced by the industry.

6. Memorandums to the Central & State Government Authorities and local bodies:  The Federation submits every year Pre-budget and Post-budget Memorandum to   the Central and State Governments pointing out the remedial measures to be taken. On all topical problems of the industry, wherever the situation arises, the   Federation makes its submissions to the appropriate authorities by suitable representations in writing.

In the pursuit of our objectives we meet from time to time Central & State level Ministers and Officials to get our problems looked into and matters expedited.

7. Technical Training & Apprenticeship Programmes :  The Federation imparts technical training in collaboration with Indian Plastics Institute (Calcutta Chapter).  Eminent technologists and University Professors hold the classes on the following subjects :

• Basic Polymer Science
• Plastics Processing
• Hydraulics & Pneumatics
• Strength of Material
• Applied Mechanics
• Engineering Drawing
• Electrical & Electronics
• Moulds & Dies

8. Seminars, Symposiums, Lectures, Talks, Get-together and Factory visits  :  The Federation arranges seminars and symposiums on topics of national interest from  time to time either on its own or in association with specialized institutions, such as, Indian Plastics Institute, Indian Institute of Packaging, Small Industries  Service Institute, Plastics Export Promotion Council and other Government Departments. The Federation has been organizing get-together and factory visits for  the benefit of members.


In the accomplishment of the   above objectives, the Federation functions through the Executive Committee and has a network of various Sub-Committees, such as :

1. Administrative, Finance and Infrastructure Development
2. Raw Materials
3. Technical
4. Pipe
5. Customs, Excise and Taxation
6. Membership Drive
7. Editorial Board
8. Exhibition & Seminar
9. Plastics in Environment
10. Business Reforms
11. Industrial Promotion


Apart from being an active member of several other associations and chambers, the Federation is in active touch with other plastics associations.

The Federations is affiliated with the following organisations:

1. Plastindia Foundation, Mumbai ( IPF is a Founder Member )
2. Plastics Export Promotion Council, Mumbai/Kolkata
3. Bharat Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata
4. Bengal National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Kolkata
5. West Bengal Trade Association, Kolkata
6. Federation of Association of Small Industries of India (FASII), New Delhi


The Federation is represented in several government bodies, such as:

1. Regional Advisory Committee of Commissioner of Central Excise, Kolkata – II Commissionerate and Central Excise Haldia Commissionerate.
2. Bureau of Indian Standards.
3. Regional Advisory Committee of the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology ( CIPET), Howrah
4. Central Tool Room & Training Centre, Kolkata.
5. Sub-Group formed by Ministry of  Chemicals & Fertilizers (Dept. of Chemical & Petrochemical) Govt. of India to study various facets of Plastics Processing Industry
6. Investors Support Cell constituted by West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Limited.
7. Advisory Committee attached to Small Industries Service Institute     (SISI), Kolkata.

9. Activities of IPF:

A. INDPLAS’81:  The first ever National Exhibition on Plastics – Indplas’81 – was organised by the Federation at Kolkata from 2nd September to 13th September 1981.  The Exhibition was co-sponsored by various government departments like SISI, Directorate of Industries and Directorate of Cottage & Small Scale Industries,   West Bengal Financial Corporation, National Small Industries Corporation, State Bank of India, Plastics & Rubber Institute, (Kolkata Chapter) and Plastics and   Linoleum Export Promotion Council.

B. INDPLAS’85  :   International Exhibition on Plastics in 1985  :  The overwhelming   success of the first  National Exhibition – Indplas’81 – opened the doors to the   Federation for holding the first ever International Exhibition on Plastics at Kolkata, INDPLAS’85 from 23rd February to 7th March 1985.  In addition to the previous   co-sponsors, the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Ltd.,  Regional  Testing Centre, Govt. of India, Central Tool Room & Training  Centre, Institution   of Engineers (India), Indian  Institution of Production Engineers, Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd., Small Industries Development Organisation, Govt.  of   West Bengal, were the co-sponsors in the exhibition. Raw Material producers, distributors, machinery/mould manufacturers, pigment, dyestuff, chemical and additive manufacturers, processors, dealers etc. had   participated in the exhibition. Several foreign raw material producers and machine manufacturers had also exhibited their products. During the above exhibition   the Federation organised conferences and lectures on plastics which were of great interest to the plastics fraternity.

C. INDIA INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR:  The Federation participated in the India International Trade Fair held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi in November 1987 where   the main theme was on Plastics. Under the IPF pavilion a number of member firms put up their stalls and exhibited their products. The participation of member   firms was highly rewarding as they booked sizeable orders from domestic as well as foreign buyers.

D. PLASTINDIA’90 – International Plastics Exhibition & Conference, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, March 1-7, 1990: Plastindia Foundation of which Indian Plastics   Federation (IPF) is a Founder Member, organised an International Plastics Fair from March 1-7, 1990 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi in active association with   Nowea International, Germany. This international event offered an unique opportunity to national and international organisations engaged in the plastic industry   to present their technologies, product lines and services to an expanding Indian market.  IPF also participated in the Exhibition and projected its activities. The All   India Plastics Directory published by IPF was also put up in their stall that was very much in demand and appreciated by all concerned.
 Various conferences/seminars including the XI International Conference on the use of Plastics in Agriculture – ICPA’90 were also organised.

E. PLASTINDIA’94 - Plastindia Foundation organised the 2nd International Plastics Exhibition & Conference at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from February 26 – March 4,   1994 in association with Nowea International, Germany. IPF participated in this Exhibition also.

F. INDPLAS’96 - IPF organised the 3rd Plastics Exhibition & Conference Indplas’96 during February 23-28, 1996 at Kolkata which was co-sponsored by Plastindia    Foundation and Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. The Exhibition was highly successful as numerous exhibitors throughout India participated in the biggest plastics Expo   in the Eastern India. In this exhibition a new dimension was added by putting up ENTREPRENEURS’ GUIDANCE CELL manned by officials of Directorate of Industries   & Cottage & Small Scale Industries, SISI, WBIDC, WBFC and other experts & consultants, to render proper guidance and advice to new and budding     entrepreneurs. This stall generated wide interest among the visitors as it rendered yeoman’s service for the growth and development of plastics industry.
 A three day Conference was also organised at ICI Auditorium from February 16-28, 1996. Eminent speakers from India and abroad presented their papers on the   latest development and technology related to all segments of Plastics industry.

G. PLASTINDIA’97 – The 3rd International Plastics Exhibition and Conference Plastindia’97 was organised by Plastindia Foundation at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from   March 1-6, 1997. IPF as a Founder Member also participated in the exhibition where we projected our activities as well as released our All India Plastics Directory   1997 edition.

H. INDPLAS’98 - We organised the 4th National Plastics Exhibition Indplas’98 at Kolkata during March 6-11, 1998. This was sponsored by Falta Export Processing    Zone, Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd., India Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. and West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. numerous Indian exhibitors as   well as foreign exhibitors participated in the exhibition. As per our earlier practice, ENTREPRENEURS’ GUIDANCE CELL was put up in the exhibition ground to advice   and guide people who waned to put up new plastic units in the State.

I. PLASTINDIA 2000 - THE 4th International Plastics Exhibition and Conference Plastindia 2000 was organised by Plastindia Foundation at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi   from February 19 - 24, 2000. IPF as a Founder Member also participated in the exhibition. The 4th Revised and updated edition of All India Plastics Directory was   released on the eve of Plastindia 2000 both in Book form and CD-ROM.

J. PLASTISCOPE '01 - A Seminar on "Green Plastics - An Eco-Friendly Approach" was jointly organised by IPF and IPI (Kolkata Chapter) on 20th December 2001 at Taj  Bengal, Kolkata. Bureaucrats, NGOs and other important officials were invited to the Seminar to make them aware on the environment friendly nature of plastics.
 This seminar has gone a long way in removing the various myths and misconceptions associated with plastics.

K. PLASTINDIA 2003 – The 5th International Plastics Exhibition and Conference Plastindia 2003 was organised by Plastindia Foundation at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi   from February 15 - 20, 2003. IPF as a Founder Member also participated in the exhibition. The 5th Revised and updated edition of All India Plastics Directory was   released on the eve of Plastindia 2003 both in Book form and CD-ROM.

L. PLASTINDIA 2006 - The 6th International Plastics Exhibition and Conference Plastindia 2006 was organised by Plastindia Foundation at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi   from February 9 - 14, 2006. IPF as a Founder Member also participated in the exhibition. The 6th Revised and updated edition of All India Plastics Directory was   released on the eve of Plastindia 2006 both in Book form and CD-ROM.

M. PLASTINDIA 2009 - The 7th International Plastics Exhibition and Conference Plastindia 2009 was organised by Plastindia Foundation at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi   from February 4 – 9, 2009.  As a Founder Member IPF also participated in the exhibition. The 7th Revised and updated edition of All India Plastics Directory was   released on the eve of Plastindia 2009 both in Book form and CD-ROM.

N. PLASTINDIA 2012 - The 6th International Plastics Exhibition and Conference Plastindia 2012 was organised by Plastindia Foundation at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi   from February 1 - 6, 2012. . IPF as a Founder Member also participated in the exhibition. All India Indplas’12 Launch function was held during the exhibition on 3rd   February 2012. Indplas’12 promotion was also done from IPF stall.
O. SCHOOL DEBATES - School Debate programmes are frequently organised in different schools in the State in order to make the rising generation aware of the    contribution of plastics to environment and society.

P. AWARENESS PROGRAMMES - Awareness Programmes on the environmental friendly aspects of plastics are frequently organised in collaboration with NGOs &    Municipalities in the State of West Bengal. These programmes have been well received by the general public.

Q. WASTE MANAGEMENT - Western concept bin culture waste management programmes have been organised during the Durga & Kali Puja festivals in Kolkata. Such   programmes have also been organised during the Kolkata Book Fair.

R. NEW OFFICE PREMISES - The inauguration of the Federation's new office complex at 8B, Royd Street, Kolkata - 700 016 on 25th August 2001 was a new milestone   in the history of the Federation. This new office complex is equipped with a modern Conference Hall, well-equipped library and consultant's chamber with all    modern office equipment.

S. BUYER-SELLER MEET - IPF has also organised Buyer-Seller Meet from time to time.

T. TV COVERAGE - Display advertisements on public awareness are put up on different TV channels from time to time.

U. WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY - 5th June of every year is celebrated by the Federation as World Environment Day through awareness programmes. These    programmes have gone a long way in removing the various myths and misconceptions associated with plastics.

V. PRESS CONFERENCE - Press Conferences are being conducted by the Federation from time to time to make the media aware of the various issues confronting the   plastics industry.

W. SEMINAR ON UNION BUDGET - A Seminar on the Union Budget is held in IPF Conference Hall after the presentation of the Union Budget. Experts on direct and    indirect taxes are brought to enlighten members on the salient features of the budget. Their address is followed by a question answer session.

X. PRE-BUDGET MEMORANDUM - The Federation every year sends its recommendation to the Hon'ble Finance Minister of India and other concerned Ministries    requesting them to consider our submissions favourably while formulating the Union Budget.

aa. PLASTICON AWARD - One of the PLASTICON AWARD of PlastIndia’s International Exhibition & Conference has been sponsored by IPF for innovation in the field of   Environment and Energy Conservation.

bb. NEW PLASTIC PROJECTS - The Federation promotes the growth and development of plastic industries in close cooperation with various raw material producers.

cc. IPF WEBSITE - In order to facilitate better communication with members of the plastic fraternity, IPF has launched its own website    http://www.ipfindia.org.  Important circulars and information relating to the industry are available on our website and are updated regularly.

dd. PLASTISCOPE 2004 – A Seminar on “Building Competencies” was held on 26th February 2004 at ITC Hotel Sonar Bangla Sheraton & Towers, Kolkata. This one day   Seminar was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal Shri Buddhadeb Bhattacharyya. At the inaugural session Shri S. K. Bhowmik, CEO of Haldia   Petrochemicals Ltd., Shri Sanjay Budhia, Chairman Confederation of Indian Industry (Eastern Region) and M.D. Patton Ltd. and Shri Mahesh Shah,    President-Plastindia Foundation were the Guest of Honour. Padma Vibhushan Prof. M. M. Sharma delivered the Keynote address.

ee. WASTE TO WEALTH PROJECT – The waste to wealth project was launched in 6 roads of Ward No. 82 of the KMC area on 8th August 04 in close association with KMC   and WBPCB. Mayor KMC Shri Subrato Mukherjee in the presence of distinguished guests and local residents inaugurated the project. Initially about 1200    houses/flats have been covered in the collection drive. After the success of this project, similar projects been initiated in other municipalities in West Bengal.

ff. PLASTISCOPE 2005 – A Seminar on “Plastics Fortunes” was held on 28th September 2005 at ITC Hotel Sonar Bangla Sheraton & Towers, Kolkata. This one day    Seminar was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister of Commerce & Industries, West Bengal, and Shri Nirupam Sen. At the inaugural session Shri Mahesh Shah,    President-Plastindia Foundation was the Guest of Honour. Shri Sudhir Chand, Director – Corporate Affairs, Exide Industries Ltd. delivered the Keynote address.

gg. IPF PARTICIPATED IN PARIBESH MELA – 2005 organised jointly by West Bengal Pollution Control Board and Bengal National Chamber of Commerce & Industry from  16th to 19th February 05 at Science City in Kolkata. A booklet ‘Plastics in Aid of Environment’ – written both in English and Bengali was released on the occasion by  the Hon’ble Minister of Environment & IT Shri Manabendra Mukherjee. The booklet carried a message in favour of plastics which was signed by the Chairman of the  West Bengal Pollution Control Board.Prof. Dr. Sudip Bandyopadhyay. Many senior officials of the Government, municipalities, NGO etc. visited the IPF stall and    appreciated the efforts being made by the Plastics industry to protect environment through plastics and to increase the general awareness of the people on    plastics.

hh. IPF also took the responsibility of the entire Waste Management of the fair ground. The four-day exercise was a great success and both the organisers and the   general visitors were of the opinion that they have never seen a fair ground that was so clean.

ii. POLY PARK: IPF in collaboration with West Bengal Industrial Development Corp. Ltd. (WBIDC) has set up a Poly Park on a 50-acre plot of land at Sankrail in Howrah  Dist. of West Bengal. 36 members of the Federation have booked all the plots in the Poly Park.  WBIDC have also allotted IPF a 1.02 acre plot in the Poly Park to   set up training / testing centre for development of plastic units. The Chief Minister of West Bengal Shri Buddhadeb Bhattacharyya laid the foundation stone of the   Poly Park on 15th February 2006. Most of the units have already started functioning in the Poly Park.

jj. INDPLAS’06 – 5th International Exhibition on Plastics was held at Science City, Kolkata from November 24-27, 2006. Around 242 exhibitors participated in the    Exhibition. The exhibition recorded 75,000 footfalls during its 4 days. The area booked was around 3160 sq. m. The surplus from the exhibition was used to    purchase 1.02 acre land in Poly Park offered to IPF by West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. and also for land filling and construction of the    boundary wall.

kk. IPF acted as a facilitator for the construction of roads using plastic waste mixed with bitumen. Road construction activity was done by the Federation in    association with Kalyani, Chandernagore, Ashok Nagar- Kalyangarh and Salt Lake Municipalities in their respective areas.

ll. The Federation also organised visit for its members to Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. at Haldia and Reliance Industries Ltd. at Jamnagar. Technical lectures,    workshops and interactive sessions were held for the benefit of its members. IPF delegation also participated in Chinaplas exhibitions.

mm. On completion of 50 years of the Federation, the Federation organised its Golden Jubilee function at Hotel Hindusthan International, Kolkata. Past Presidents of   the Federation were felicitated during the function. The curtains down celebration of the Golden Jubilee celebration was held at Fort William, Kolkata Lt. Gen V. K.   Singh, GOC-in-C, EC (later Gen. V. K..Singh, Chief of Army Staff) was the Chief Guest in the function. 

Indian Plastics Federation with an ever growing membership enrolled from various corners of India and engaged in as many diverse fields as plastic products, is  now regarded in Indian and in international arena as the nerve centre of the trade and industry. With its over five decades experience and activity, the  Federation, as an effective catalyst has consolidated the essentials of dynamism that guide charting new  strategies and thrusts, not only for the industry and  India’s economy in general but it also provides new vistas and impetus to the plastics industry, 95% of which belongs to the tiny and small unit.


IPF had organized Exhibitions on Plastics “INDPLAS” in 1981, 1985, 1996, 1998, 2006 and the 6th edition of Indplas’12 is being organised jointly with Plastindia Foundation at Science City, Kolkata from 5th – 8th October, 2012. The Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals (DCPC) Govt. Of India New Delhi and all the major plastic associations in India have extended their support to Indplas’12.

This edition of the International exhibition aims to promote excellence in the field of plastics, emphasizing the scope for investment in Eastern India’s plastic Industry in terms of the prevalent growth opportunity and logistic advantage. Indplas ’12 will have both International and Indian exhibitors from all fields of Plastics.  Live running of Machineries shall also be visible. It is spread over 11 AC hangers.

Indplas ’12 would also facilitate generation of funds for constructing the proposed IPF Knowledge Centre to be located near Kolkata city at the Poly Park in Sankrail. The centre covers an area of 1.02 acre that has been offered by WBIDC (West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation – a Government Agency) for effective operation of a 50 acre Poly Park. Conceptualized to offer trained manpower to the ever growing need of plastic industry, IPF Knowledge Centre will also function as a supplementing tool for the realization of the Policy of the Govt. of India towards overall economic growth of the country as well as employment generation. In addition to training, IPF Knowledge Centre will offer testing facility/ tool room facility/ well equipped library etc. It will also house a Demo unit for re-processing of mixed plastic scrap financially supported by Plastindia Foundation. The Project will require USD 5 million (Rs. 25 crores) when completed in phases. Various ways and means have been adopted to generate the fund. The substantial surplus from Indplas ’12 will be utilized in funding construction of IPF Knowledge Centre.”