Mission And Vision


“Among the multi-faceted functions of the Federation, the following salient ones may be mentioned:

1. To interact between the industry and various authorities in the areas of import and excise duties, commercial and direct taxes availability of raw materials from abroad, import and export policy, framing of industrial policy and such other fields as may crop up in the pursuit of business and to send delegations and representations in this regard.

2. To monitor the availability and prices of raw materials produced indigenously and to send delegations and representations for bringing relief to the industry.

3. To aid entrepreneurs to set up and expand industry.

4. To collect, preserve and analyze vital statistics and data relating to plastics trade, commerce and industry including national and international trends of the plastics industry.

5. To disseminate information on advancement of plastic technology and innovations obtaining in India and abroad.

6. To bring out a monthly journal containing thoughtful articles on plastics for the industry, scholars, government authorities, financial institutions, chambers and trade associations etc. focusing on the latest development in plastic industry, policy maters, news, products and events etc.

7. To hold, organize, sponsor or participate in seminars, workshops, conferences and training classes on plastics.

8. To hold, organize, sponsor and participate in industrial exhibitions and trade fairs on plastics.

9. To promote co-operation among persons, firms, companies, factories and associations or societies connected with the plastics trade and industry in India as producers, manufacturers, moulders, fabricators, distributors, dealers and technicians with a view to adopting a common policy and collectively take such steps as ay be expedient to further safeguard the interests of the plastics trade and industry.

10. To enlist the services of experts and to advice members on various problems relating to customs, central excise, sales tax, octroi, labour laws and other government orders, notifications which may be referred by members for the Federation’s advice and also to keep the members informed of all developments, changes, revisions, notifications, administrative orders etc. issued by the different government authorities on the aforesaid subjects or any other matter, relating to plastics trade and industry.

11. To communicate with the Chambers of Commerce and other commercial, industrial and public bodies throughout India and to concert or promote measures for protection of plastics trade and industry and persons engaged therein.

12. To do all other work in order to promote and encourage the healthy growth of plastics industry in the country.

In the accomplishment of the   above objectives, the Federation functions through the Executive Committee and has a network of various Sub-Committees, such as:

  1. Administrative, Finance and Infrastructure Development

  2. Raw Materials

  3. Technical

  4. Pipe

  5. Customs, Excise and Taxation

  6. Membership Drive

  7. Editorial Board

  8. Exhibition & Seminar

  9. Plastics in Environment

  10. Business Reforms

  11. Industrial Promotion“

  12. Website & Information Technology